Infrared crystal dryer heat to the core. Short -wave infrared light the material is heated directly from the inside. The energy in the core heats the material from the inside out, so the moisture is driven from the inside to the outside of the product. Material always in motion. The permanent rotation of the drum keeps the material moving. The special adapted helix and the mixing elements of the material. Clumping can be avoided and the material is heated homogenously.  Low rotational speed of the drum avoids damage to the material.

Advantage of Infrared dryer:

◈ High efficiency, drying time in minutes instead of hours. The product remains in the drying process for only a few of minutes before being used for further production steps.

◈ Low energy consumption. Infrared rays cause molecular thermal oscillations, which directly act on the core of the particles from the inside out, so that the moisture inside the particles is rapidly heated and evaporated into the circulating ambient air, and the moisture is removed at the same time. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 45% compared to conventional drying systems.

◈ Instantly. An immediate start of the production run is possible immediately upon startup. A warm-up phase of the machine is not required. No preheating of the material as in conventional systems.

◈ Directly. Processing can be started, stopped and restarted easily.

◈ Excellent mixing behavior of blends and no sticking of the material by virtue of the constant movement of the drum.

◈ The drying time is short and the molecular structure of the material is not destroyed. Due to the excellent infrared absorption of plastic and moisture, heat can be absorbed inside the particle, and crystallization and drying begin inside the particle, rather than the heat/damage that has been carried for hours by heating from the outside.

◈ In one step. Crystallization and drying.

◈ Reproducible quality. Recipe management in the automation system.

◈ Maintenance is convenient and simple. Access to all components at all times for quick and easy cleaning and easy material changes.

◈ There are continuous type and batch type for customers to choose. According to material properties, moisture content and processing requirements, we have continuous type and batch type for customers to choose.


PET:Crystallization and drying

Biodegradable materials:PLA/PBAT/PBS drying and crystallization.

PETG:Virgin and recycling material drying.

PPSU:Drying pf PPSU.

PEI:Drying of PEI

PEEK:Drying of PEEK

TPEE:Drying of TPEE

ABS/PC:Virgin and recycling material heating.

PE/PP:Heating of PE/PP.

PVC: Heating of PVC.

Drying of various plastic. Chips, pellets and fibers


It also widely used in food drying!

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Specializes in post-industrial (in-house) recycling of waste bottle recycling machine line, PE/PP packaging film and PP raffia/woven, plastic dryer providing the most simple, easy-operating recycling system in the market today.

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