Biodegradable Plastic Infrared Crystal Dryer

Infrared Crystal Dryer use infrared rays to heat the inside of the material molecules and quickly heat the surrounding cold air, allowing water vapor to move to the coldest area-the surface of the material. At this stage, the water vapor is heated and quickly evaporates, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying and crystallization. Compared with traditional drying equipment, infrared drying technology can dry and crystallize materials in a few minutes, which can significantly reduce heating time and reduce energy consumption by about 45%.  

We got German Patent on IRD Technology in 2008, on the basic, Our reserch team has developed and get China IRD Technolocy in 2019

PLA Dry and Crystallization by Infrared crystal dryer
PLA Dry and Crystallization by Infrared crystal dryer
PLA is kind of very sensitive temperature material. PLA is a hygroscopic thermoplastic that easily absorbs water from the atmosphere.Even small amounts of moisture will hydrolyze PLA in the melt phase, reducing molecular weight and causing loss of properties. This can cause sheet brittleness, internal holes, sagging of the web at the die exit, or other process and quality problems. With PLA, proper drying is not optional. It is absolutely essential. Resin manufacturers recommend that PLA be dried less than 250 ppm before processing. In fact, moisture levels below 200 ppm may be needed in order to ensure a reasonable safety margin and, in some cases, moisture levels below 50 ppm are recommended.
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