performance characteristics
With aluminum rack,it is tidy and beaufiful.The finished machine has nowelding but a full screw

construction.It can be discretionarily disas-sembled.The appearance is paint free. With organic glass or

stainless steel shell,human-machine interface and touch operation, it has built-in time,total output,

daily output, and it can set automatic alarm of quantity and automatcally stop. Digital key can adjust

piesce branding speed. The face mask piece exiting is outputted by conveyor belt. The speed is adjustable.

The piece is exited in Order. The motor is imported from Taiwan. The gear reduction has brake function.

With extremely low noise, the face mask moulding is welded ultrasonically. With superior perfor-mances and

high speed piece branding,the width of face mask is andjustable in certain range. The length of nose

bridge line can be adjusted discretionarily.With mould changed,it can produce non-standard face mask of

any length. it can also produce face masks with singleor double nose lines.

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